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CRUX at Brooklyn Boulders

For many years, Brooklyn Boulders felt like CRUX’s home in Brooklyn. Their dedication to community and inclusion plays hand-in-hand with CRUX’s mission of expanding access to climbing for LGBTQ people. For this and many other reasons, BKB has always been a natural partner for CRUX.  Our time at BKB has been fruitful and supportive, but we have seen that relationship shift with CRUX and with our members.

Rock climbing’s rise in popularity over the last few years has brought new challenges to the NYC climbing community. Similarly, CRUX is being challenged to find new ways to support LGBTQ climbers wherever they may climb. With fewer CRUX members holding gym memberships at BKB and fewer attendees at our events, it has become clear that our current model of engagement at BKB does not meet the needs of CRUX members and queer climbers at Brooklyn Boulders. As such, CRUX has decided to postpone all planned events at Brooklyn Boulders while we consider how best to serve BKB’s LGBTQ climbers. This decision came from over a year’s worth of discussion with CRUX members and leaders and was not made lightly.

To inform CRUX’s direction moving forward, we will be working closely with CRUX members and BKB staff to better understand the specific needs of LGBTQ climbers within the BKB community. Over the next few days, CRUXers with memberships at BKB will receive a survey asking how CRUX could better organize programs that address their desires and fit the culture of BKB. After these initial responses have been collected, we will open the survey to the larger CRUX community. This information will be critical in guiding CRUX’s work at BKB.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at with your thoughts. Thank you very much for your time and your understanding.

See you on the wall.

CRUX Leadership

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