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CRUX has been featured in various online and print publications. See us mentioned somewhere? Contact us to let us know!

Time Out NY – July 24, 2012

CRUX was featured in Time Out NY’s list of gay sports groups in NYC along with many other LGBTQ clubs in New York City.



Gay City – April 29, 2011

The search for some new friends is what prompted Danielle Jablonski to co-found CRUX, the city’s LGBT rock climbing club. Jablonski, who now serves as the group’s president, said she started climbing about six years ago with her girlfriend.

“There was nobody else climbing at the time, no LGBT climbers I knew of, so I started to build a community by introducing some non-climbing friends to the sport,” she said. “I actually co-founded the group three years ago, and we have more than 700 members now.”

The group, said Jablonski proudly, is evenly balanced between men and women.

The group’s home base is Brooklyn Boulders at Degraw Street near Third Avenue at the western edge of Park Slope, which Jablonski explained is the only gym in the city big enough to hold 50 climbers, the number which the group’s events usually attract.

LOGO TV Shoot – January 28, 2011

7449314098_09926d90cd_oA production crew for Logo TV joined us at our Friday night climb in Brooklyn on January 28th to shoot footage for an episode of their new dating reality TV show. The series is due to premiere in April 2011.




NEXT Magazine – “Defying Gravity” – December 17, 2010

  By Jeff Kagan

Michael Schmidt is going to climb Mt. Everest. That’s a lot of ambition for a man who started climbing rocks and other objects only a few months ago. “I set really high goals for myself,” he says. “I used to be overweight. When the weight came off, I wanted a health-related goal.” Schmidt, a former U.S. Air Force officer, went to, where he found Crux, New York’s Gay and Lesbian Rock Climbing Group. Looking for his next big adventure, he got the idea to climb the mother of all mountains. “I am too old to be the first gay man on Mars,” he says, “so Everest just made sense.”

Of course, Schmidt says,  that meant learning to do it the right way. “When I die, I want to be warm and surrounded by loved ones—not frozen for eternity on a cliff somewhere.” From there, he contacted the nice people at Crux and his adventure began.

 John Masse, one of the group’s co-organizers, trusts Schmidt will reach his lofty goal. “From what I know of Michael, he’s the type of person who sets his mind on something, and then does it.”

Masse admits that his own reasons for joining Crux weren’t as awe-inspiring, but they certainly were vital: he joined Crux to find a date. “I like rock climbing, and I’m gay. Maybe I’ll meet someone,” he reasoned. However, when he showed up to his first climb, he was the only male, among several lesbians—and a lot of rope. That didn’t discourage him, and week after week, more and more men joined the group. Masse’s been with Crux for two years, and although the gender balance is now slightly higher on the male side, Masse still hasn’t found a boyfriend. But he isn’t giving up!


Talking About: LGBT Athletes – September, 2010

Blog and Public Access TV in NYC

Check out CRUX’s John Massé on this podcast along with members of other LGBT sports clubs.




NEXT Magazine – “Playing for the Home Team” – August 11, 2010

  Leo Lipsztein

For attorney Leo Lipsztein, lifting weights just wasn’t enough, “[In] college I got pretty strong—and pretty bored,” the 30-year-old New York native recalls. “Luckily a good friend took me to a climbing gym one day after work. I was hooked immediately!”

Lipsztein is a member of Crux, New York’s gay and lesbian rock-climbing club—one of the newest gay sports groups to pop up in the city. Taking to climbing spots at Brooklyn Boulders (where new and old climbers can drop in; see website for upcoming events) and various East Coast locales like the Hudson Valley’s famous Gunks, Crux has grown quickly, something that surprised Lipsztein. “I’ve been amazed at how welcoming Crux’s members are,” he relates. “Climbers can often be very cliquey. Not true about Crux. They welcome people of all levels, including novices who have never climbed before.”

Having found a great new group of friends and some enthusiastic climbers to take his skills to the next level, Lipsztein’s only problem is overdoing it. He confides, “I’ve recently started doing a fair bit of cross-training to prevent muscle imbalances from climbing too much!”


The Outfield: The CRUX of Gay climbing – 2008

 By Dan Woog

Nationally syndicated article about CRUX with founders Meghan McDonald and Danielle Jablonski.

Read the article here

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