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Who we are

CRUX Leadership

Amanda Lemen (Outreach Coordinator)

Email: amanda.lemen at ClimbCRUX dot org


Nick Brown (Membership Coordinator)

NickBrownNick decided to try CRUX for the first time in December 2012 and had an absolute blast! Didn’t take long for the rock climbing addiction to set in. He started hosting a few short months later, with a goal of making sure new climbers have as good of a first experience as he did. He can usually be found dancing up the walls at The Cliffs, LIC a few times a week. Nick started as the Membership Coordinator in June 2014.

Email: nick at ClimbCRUX dot org

Matt Mager (Social Media Coordinator)

MattMagerMatt Mager speaks fluent Lolcat, is good friends with Moon Moon and believes that internet memes can be harnessed for good when applied to climbing events.

But seriously, Matt has been climbing with CRUX since late 2012 and it’s completely innovated his life. He is looking forward to helping you know more about what CRUX is up to so you can come to events you’ll love. Matt spends as much time as he can at his home gym The Cliffs, LIC and his home crag The Gunks where he regularly tests his limits trad leading. If you see him at a climbing event, feel free to ask for a belay, an introduction to another climber, a route suggestion, some beta (but only when you ask) or a spot on a boulder route.

Matt’s further thoughts on why he loves CRUX and queer climbing can be found here:

Email: mager at ClimbCRUX dot org

Will Delorm (Indoor Climbing Coordinator, Brooklyn Boulders)

delormIn early 2014, Will was invited to take an Intro to Rock Climbing class at Brooklyn Boulders. The experience was exhilarating and lead to Will visiting BKB, and later the Cliffs at LIC, as much as possible.
In the summer of 2014, a friend introduced Will to CRUX. With a strong desire to meet new people, and a short courtship with the group, Will signed up to be a CRUX member. It wasn’t long before Will’s friendly, energetic demeanor landed him a host position. Will is often seen bouncing all around the gym, chatting with every one to ensure they are having as much fun as he is.
These days, Will enjoys sport lead climbing both indoors and outdoors as well as the occasional bouldering. When he isn’t climbing, Will is usually either eating or sleeping to prepare for the next chance he gets to chalk up and fly up a wall.

Email: will at ClimbCRUX dot org

Victor Manibo (Indoor Climbing Coordinator, Cliffs LIC)

Victor is CRUX’s Indoor Climbing Coordinator for The Cliffs at LIC. He started climbing in early 2012 and has not looked back on his non-athletic, non-outdoorsy life since. In fact, he likes climbing so much, he moved to an apartment five minutes away from the Cliffs LIC on a rumor he heard in an underground Hell’s Kitchen bar that a gym might be opening in Long Island City. He top-ropes, leads and (when the moon is full and the stars are aligned) boulders. Victor joined the CRUX leadership in June 2014.

Email: victor at ClimbCRUX dot org

Sean Collishaw (IT & Web Coordinator)

collishawSean started climbing with CRUX in Spring 2014. He hates traditional, boring workouts but loves the puzzle solving aspect that climbing adds to physical activity. He also loves the sense of community that CRUX brings to climbing. He’s more likely than most to push you to try something more challenging than you’re used to. When he’s not climbing, he’s a huge nerd and video game enthusiast.

Email: sean.collishaw at ClimbCRUX dot org

Demian Vanderputten (Outdoor Climbing Coordinator)

Email: demian at ClimbCRUX dot org

Executive Director

CRUX is currently searching for an amazing individual to take on the mantle of Executive Director. Contact board at ClimbCRUX dot org for more information.

CRUX Board

Seán Linehan (President)

linehanSeán has been climbing since early 2014 and a CRUX member since late 2014. When he’s not at the gym or the crag he can generally be found climbing ladders, steel truss, and strange archetectural beams in a professional capacity. In his climbing life he has somehow managed to find a middle ground between his desire to CLIMB ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME, and standing around chatting with friends, strangers, and passerbys, while holding his shoes and rope. He can usually be found walking around the gym attempting projects, and offering lots of enthusiastic support to his friends and other climbers.

If spotted, never hesitate to come say “Hi,” ask for a belay, or a partner, or just offer a high five.

Email: sean.linehan at ClimbCRUX dot org

Lyndon Cudlitz (Vice President)

cudlitzLyndon began climbing in 1996 and was formerly a manager & lead youth instructor at a rock gym in Maine. He joined CRUX in 2012 shortly after moving to NY and joined the Board in 2016. Lyndon is a sport climber at heart, but enjoys participating in the occasional bouldering comp, too. He currently lives in Albany where he works as an LGBTQ trainer and consultant. Lyndon makes it to the occasional CRUX gym night, but because he loves mountains more than concrete, you’re more likely to see him on outdoor trips!

Email: lyndon.cudlitz at ClimbCRUX dot org

Kris Harbold (Treasurer)

Kris started climbing in the summer of 2013. What started as a weekend challenge to get out of his apartment quickly escalated to a full blown addiction. He spent upward of a year bouldering on his own at BKB before fate stepped in. Kris happened to be climbing the first Friday of August 2014, aka CRUX Newbie Night. After a couple casual conversation, Kris really connected with many of the CRUX members and within a few weeks had adjusting his climbing schedule to align with CRUX events, added a membership to The Cliffs @ LIC, and signed up as a host to share his passion for the rocks with new climbers. Outside of the gym, Kris has been known to sport lead around the East coast and Europe, and hopes to soon add trad climbing and deep water soloing to his climbing vocabulary.

Email: kris at ClimbCRUX dot org


CRUX Advisory Board

Kristen Riani (Executive Director 2015-2017)


Kristen began climbing with CRUX in April 2014 when, on a whim, she decided to join The Cliffs at LIC. She showed up at the gym one evening and was greeted by rainbow flags and smiling faces – CRUX! She quickly became a regular at both The Cliffs and BKB, and began hosting at events in an effort to spread the love. In the fall of 2014, she signed on as Indoor Climbing Coordinator for Brooklyn Boulders and took over as Executive Director in May 2015. Kristen has lofty dreams of living out of a van and driving around the country to climb. When she’s not on the wall, Kristen is a booty-kicking Pilates instructor and personal trainer.

Email: kristen at ClimbCRUX dot org

Linda Keller (President 2013-2015)

Linda Keller (Treasurer)

Linda has worked many jobs: farm hand, mobile petting zoo manager, and forklift driver to name a few.  Currently a lawyer by day, climber by quitting time, Linda was proud to serve CRUX as President.  Drawn to constantly challenging herself, Linda trepidatiously entered BKB for her first CRUX Friday newbie night in February 2012 and since then she’s been working the routes.  Drawn to life as a top-roper, Linda’s been stretching her courage and developing some sport leading chutzpah.

Email: linda at ClimbCRUX dot org

Sara Schwartz (Executive Director 2013-2015)

CRUX-board-sara2Sara has always wanted to be a rock star and now she can be! Since childhood, she found herself on rock walls at gyms and summer camps, but didn’t know how to really get involved in climbing. It wasn’t until January 2011, that she attended her first CRUX event at Brooklyn Boulders, and it wasn’t long until she was hooked. She was soon a regular at CRUX events and quickly became a regular host. In 2012 she took on the role of Indoor Climbing Director, organizing and training hosts for indoor events around the city. Sara climbs outside whenever possible at the Gunks, West Point, Rumney and Peterskill.  Sara joined the CRUX Board in 2012 and became Executive Director in 2013.

Email: sara at ClimbCRUX dot org

Danielle Jablonski (Co-founder, Executive Director 2010-2013)

CRUX-board-danielleDanielle was introduced to rock climbing in 2005 and in 2006 spearheaded a two and a half month cross-country rock climbing road trip, securing sponsorship from Urban Climber Magazine, prAna, Trango and a host of other industry companies. She returned from the road to take a position as a manager at The Rock Club where she directed marketing and promotions, group programming and fundraising events, taught group and private climbing classes, and helped run climbing competitions and manage staff. A boulderer at heart, she has climbed around the U.S., New Zealand and Australia (where she is from).

In her previous lives she co-founded a start-up new media company and studied cello, performing in such locations as the Sydney Opera House and on tour in Estonia, Finland and Russia. She is passionate about building community and is always excited to help climbers of every level. She’s also passionate about flying helicopters.

Michael Lambert (Board Member 2012-2013)

CRUX-board-lambertMike started climbing in 2007 on a whim. Bored with running on treadmills, he found his way to a climbing community at the The Cliffs, in Valhalla, NY. Mike was instantly hooked on bouldering – the freedom of not using a rope, the mental complexity of the problems, and the good natured social aspects of bouldering hit all the right spots. Mike has since gotten into sport lead climbing and trad following as well as top roping. Like much of CRUX, Mike is currently obsessed with the amazingly scenic and challenging routes at the Gunks and Rumney, NH, where CRUX often climbs.

Mike also has a burgeoning interest in teaching and coaching beginner climbers. He has helped coach the CRUX climbing team. “I want beginners to feel as welcome as I did the first time I started climbing. It can be intimidating at first, don’t be afraid to ask questions, the veteran members of CRUX are always available to give some pointers.”

When not climbing, Mike is an attorney and has been using his skills to benefit CRUX for several years.

Emily Rinehart (Board Member 2012-2013)

Emily joined CRUX at the beginning of 2010, only a few months after discovering rock climbing for the first time. Thankfully CRUX provided the perfect forum to foster her obsession. Since then, she has tested her limits climbing at the Gunks, NY, Rumney, NH, the New River Gorge, WV, the Adirondack’s, NY, Red Rocks, NV. and Yosemite, CA. Emily’s goal is to give back to the LGBT climbing community – the family she’s gained over the past 3 years. Off the wall, Emily works as a project manager in set design for broadcast television.

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