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Welcome to the Queerisades!

APRIL FOOLS!!! Sadly, the Palisades Interstate¬†Park is still extremely restrictive to the prospect of climbing. However, there is a movement afoot (slow going and it seems run by very few people) to create access. You can follow that here. Also? 4/31 doesn’t exist. Missed that, too, eh? BUT SINCE WE HAVE YOU… HELP WITH PRIDE It’s spring, that means it’s ... Read More »

Help CRUX Rename The Gunks Classic Madam G’s

APRIL FOOLS!!! Okay, so if you’ve ever been to the Gunks, you were probably already suspicious… BUT… We had to get your attention somehow, right? Anyway, here’s the deal. PRIDE is only a few months away and we’ll need people on the pride committee. That means you! To join up, please email: to be added to the list. BUT… ... Read More »

Manhattan Buildering(!!!) With CRUX

APRIL FOOLS! Climbing on buildings is super dangerous and we don’t recommend doing it unless you’re Spiderman — and sorry to say, NYC isn’t giving out permits to climb The Woolworth Building. BUT since we have your attention, Pride is coming up and we need a few good CRUXers to join our pride committee. Here’s the link to find out ... Read More »

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