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2013 CRUX Memberships Now Just $20!!!

Guess what! Beginning on September 1, 2013 and going until November 30, 2013, CRUX memberships will be offered at the low low price of $20! You’ll be a full member of CRUX for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year, with all the accompanied benefits and discounts. You’ll get a fancy name tag, EMS discounts, access to outdoor trips, and ... Read More »

CRUX Member Meeting Notes — March 5, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting (& dinner) on March 5th! For those of you who missed the meeting, this is what was covered. If you have questions or comments please get in touch (contact the people listed below or email   New CRUX Mission Statement CRUX Climbing is a non-profit rock climbing organization dedicated to improving ... Read More »

Cliffs at LIC – CRUX Member Discount – OFFER EXTENDED!!!

The Cliffs has been super gracious in extending their discounted membership offer to JUST CRUX until September 20, 2013. If we get 10 people to join as PIF members, then the charge per person is only $1k, a $20/month savings. If we get 20 people to join as PIF members, then the charge per person is only $900, a $30/month savings. Both ... Read More »

CRUX Town Hall Meeting — July 15, 2013

*Email Sara Schwartz for slide show presentation, by laws, or anything else. 7/15/13 Attendees: Emily R., Sara S., Selena L., Brendan H., Liz B., Liz H., Susie C., Jess B., Jenny L., Rob M., Matt M., Bob R., Adina D., Veronique B., Ali M., Karin M., Christian S., Shawn R, Nick B., Spahr W., Justin K., Ellen, Victor M., Anthony ... Read More »

CRUX Board Meeting, 7/8/13

Attendees: Sara Schwartz, Selena Ley, Emily Rhinehart (via phone) Finances in Accounts $2632.42 PayPal $4973.77 Capital One account – note that in June meeting, the account balance is $2935.00 A total of 26 people donated for Pride Fest for a total donated amount of $1490. The expected June expenses are approximately $2000 and the expected expenses for July is $600. ... Read More »

CRUX Board Meeting Minutes — June 3, 2013

Attendees: Sara Schwartz, Selena Ley, Emily Rinehart, Eric Benzel, Kate Raddock (via Skype) Review: Role of the board and each position Overall goals and how to accomplish them 1. Financial (Sara) – Money in accounts, any updates, current, expected expenses and income, website financials and transparency Expected Expenses Paypal $2372.38 Cap One 2935.43 Expected expenses: $600 to Sara BKB – ... Read More »

Discounted Memberships & Day Passes @ BKB and The Cliffs!

NOTE: This information is outdated and no longer valid. For the current specials, please go to Gym Memberships. We’ve got great news for CRUX members! We’ve secured awesome deals and membership discounts at Brooklyn Boulders and The Cliffs: The Cliffs LIC $95/mo membership (regularly $105/mo); one-time start-up fee of $99 is waived, even if on a month-to-month membership Day pass ... Read More »

Advanced climber meeting at BKB 4/23/13

In attendance: Justin, Veronique, Liz B, Liz H, Sam, Eric B, Eric W, Connor, Julian, Selena, Sara, Kate, Danielle The biggest issue of concern was financial transparency. There was a general feeling that members would be happy to support the organization if they had a better understanding of where money was being spent. The following steps were suggested: Quarterly reports ... Read More »

Open letter to advanced climbers from the CRUX Board

Dear CRUXers, Thank you for supporting CRUX over the months and years. We are glad to know you as friends and climbing partners. As a board, we think it’s important to explain the reasoning behind some of the recent changes in how CRUX runs, especially in relation to advanced outdoor trips. This season we decided to start charging a small ... Read More »

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