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Support an event!

We need to raise money to make these events happen. Please consider helping!
We’ll post information about upcoming events, the estimated costs are and what raised money will be used for.

Mentorship/coaching programs with the Ali Forney Center & Green Chimneys

These programs match up trained CRUX volunteers with youth from AFC and GC for 4 or 6-weeks of coaching and climbing. Youth climb once a week with their coach/mentor and have access to Brooklyn Boulders for the duration of the program.  GC programs also include a short internship program.

  • 4-weeks of climbing for two youth ($40)
  • 6-week of climbing for two youth ($60)
  • End of program pizza and soda for 4 youth and 4 volunteers ($40)

2013 Pride March and PrideFest

This year CRUX is hiring a portable climbing wall for PrideFest. The climbing wall will be the tallest structure at the festival and should bring us lots of attention and press. It should also be a lot of fun!

We did it! A very special thanks to the following supporters!

  • Selena L
  • Eric B
  • Marjorie R
  • Justin K
  • Nick B
  • Rhonda P
  • Sara S
  • Sierra J
  • Sam S.
  • Spahr W.
  • Jenny L.
  • John R.
  • Jackie S.
  • Jane S.
  • Jerry S.
  • Mary Ann C.
  • Kristian N.
  • Jess B.
  • Linda K.
  • Karin N.
  • Matt M.
  • Mindy M.
  • Mike L.
  • Leslie B.
  • Kenneth B.

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